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The 8’’ inch Patrol duty boot , constructed with shined full grain leather features a renowned achilles relief cutout that provides maximum lateral stability. These tall black boots offer better ankle support and stabilizing features to help with prolonged standing or walking. Soft Nappa leather internal lining lets you break in boots without the bite. Grip inspired TPU soles give wearer confidence that boots will not slip while on shift. Speed lace system for quick on/off combined with air cushion midsoles that take the beating so your legs and back don’t have to are just two reasons why you should wear these police boots. 

Speed Lace System
Speed Lace System

Ergonomically placed eyelets allow for optimal adjustment of your foot and boot in which a precise fit is achieved in a quick and easy method.


Full Grain Leather Upper

We source only industrial grade premium full grain leather that comes from the hides tightest grain section. These leathers are the strongest and most durable. 

Speed Lace System

Ergonomically placed eyelets allow for optimal adjustment of your foot and boot in which a precise fit is achieved in a quick and easy method.

Anatomic Support System

Unlike traditional boots, Redback's unique Anatomic Sole cradles the foot to reduce arch sagging and prevents foot strain, fatigue and related leg and back pain.

TPU Outsoles

Cross-linked, compression molded translucent polyurethane. Unrivaled toughness and resistance to cracking and splitting. Oil/Acid/Slip resistant multi-directional lug design provides increased traction on all surfaces


Style Name
Black Waxy
45 oz
8 in
Full Grain Leather 
Thermo Plastic Poly-Urethane
Oil / Acid / Slip Resistant
EH Certified
Direct Attach
Country of Origin


Review by Angel. (not verified)


I have had the patrol boots for just about 5 years now and have only changed the insole once. I am 100%amazed at how long these have lasted me even being as lazy as I am. I didn't even get them for practical reasons but I back them for durability in almost any situation! I dont even take care of them like I should!

Review by Sel B (not verified)


I’ve struggle to find a boot or shoe that checked all the boxes to use as a police officer on patrol. That was until I found the Patrol boot from Redback. After seeing numerous glowing recommendations for Redback as a brand on Reddit, I bought a pair and I was nothing short of amazed.

First of all, the quality and build of the boot is show stopping. From the materials to the construction, every part of this boot feels like it will last a lifetime. What’s surprising is often such quality usually requires some amount of break in time, but not with these boots.

The first moment I put these boots on, I was blown away by how comfortable they were. The toe box is roomy and my toes can spread without much limit thanks to the 3E wide last Redback uses. The first tour using these boots didn’t feel like the first but the 100th because they were so soft and felt broken in from the get go. For such a sturdy boot, it felt like I was wearing sneakers. They were that comfortable out of the box.

The price may seem steep, but I’ve had so many boots that I paid half the price for that lasted a year at most. These Redback Patrol boots feel like they will go the distance and only get better with age. I’m telling everyone at the precinct about these.

Review by migoga (not verified)


Best boots. I have struggled for many years to find boots that I could hike/backpack in and work in (garden/farm, mostly), tromp around in the soggy PNW woods and on rocky PNW coastlines in...finally found these and won't look back. Why it took me so long to find a good boot: my foot is ridiculously wide for its length, and most boot companies don't seem to realize that people with little feet aren't necessarily people with narrow feet (especially I seriously the ONLY wide-footed woman in the universe?). Before, I always had to go up a size or even two in order to accommodate my wide foot and high arch. I wore slip-on Redbacks for a few years and do love them for everyday wear, but when I needed more ankle support for walking on uneven ground with a heavy load, I got these Patrol Boots, and I've been happily hiking and working in them for 3 years. There is definite wear on the heels now, as I walk on the outer edge of my foot...but this is to be expected, as I wear these literally every day. The soul is in fact a bit softer than some other boots, but those harder (maybe more durable?) soles (military boots, for instance) come with a big price: they are WAY less slip-resistant than Redbacks. The only other boot I've ever found that fit me this well was a military-grade combat boot, and the sole was so hard and non-grippy, I slipped and nearly fell on DRY ground the first day I wore them. By contrast, Redbacks (both my slip-on and my lace-up) grip securely to all but the very most slimy/slippery surfaces (thick mats of seaweed on ocean rocks got the best of them...but you'd have to be an otter to keep your footing in that environment!). Bonuses: speed lace system (it's true!!), made in Australia (yay for a company that keeps its factories local...even though I'm buying from America!), room for orthotic inserts (but they work fine without as well, due to the ability to really lace them as tightly as you like), pretty darned water-resistant when kept well-oiled, and, finally, they DON'T look stupid (I have even gotten away with wearing them with slacks)! Thank you, Redback!

Review by Andrew from Houston (not verified)


Just got theese boots the other day. Boots look absolutely awesome in person and the fit is great. I have not had alot of hrs in them yet. In the short time ive had them they are great ,leather is stiff, they are fairly easy to put on and the speed lace system works better than i thought it would. I really think redback should include a pull loop on the back of the boot because they can be a little time consuming to put on . Longer laces would be awesome too. I will leave another review in 6ish months.

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