Leather Preservative

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Leather Preservative
Leather Preservative

Keep your Redbacks as fresh as the first time you wore them with our Leather Preservative. Frequent application provides protection from nicks, scratches while keeping leather soft and supple. A special blend of natural oils, Beeswax and Propolis repels water, acids, petroleum, salt and chemicals, as well as properties that resist mold, mildew and bacteria. Long live Redback.


Leather Preservative

For preserving the long life of your Redback boots our easy to apply beeswax based preservative protects and removes nicks and scratches, helps to keep leather soft, supple and water repellent.


For use on Full grain leather products. Apply generously with a cloth onto your clean work boots and rub until wax has saturated into leather. For best results let sit overnight.

Heavy Duty LP waterproofs, preserves, restores, and conditions leather shoes, boots, saddles, motorcycle leathers, tool pouches, athletic gear, and cotton oilskin dusters.



Applying to light colored nubuck or suede leather will darken your leather. Although you will get the features of this product, your leather color will NOT return to its original color.


4 oz jar
Made in USA

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